Friday, 22 December 2017

Blog rebooted!

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Mar eppen ideje volt, hogy raszanjam magam egy ujabb posztra. Mint mar legtobben tudjatok egy nagyobb kiruccanasba vagom a fejszemet, amely eppen holnap veszi kezdetet. Remenyeim szerint lesz annyi idom, hogy neha egy-egy kisebb videoszosszenetet felrakjak. Azaz terveim szerint keves szoveg, de annal tobb vizualis sokk varhato a kozeljovoben. Ennek tiszteletere ime egy kis teaser az utra. :)


It is high time to force myself on writing a new post here. As most of you may already know, I will start a little trip soon.. I mean basically in a day time. I am hoping to have some time to upload some short footages about the highlights of the trip. This means few words and lots of visual information stream can be expected in the near future. As to stick to my word here is a small teaser just before the trip.

Peter, Pumpkin, Hot balls or whichever you prefer.

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